Helping Out Of State Drivers

Helping  Out Of State Drivers

If you live in another state or are licensed in another state and received  a traffic ticket in North Carolina, your state's DMV may be notified of the conviction and take action accordingly, including suspending your license if you fail to deal with the ticket here.

We can help get your violation reduced here, which can help you minimize consequences in your home state.


How Can  I Help You?

What Can We Do To Help o?

• It may be possible for me to represent you without you having to appear in court.

• It may be possible to work out a plea arrangement wherein you could plead

guilty to a lesser charge and minimize or lessen the impact of a conviction on

your driving record and to reduce the number of insurance points that you

may be assessed.

• If you have previously failed to appear in court or otherwise failed to conclude

a traffic violation in North Carolina or another state, we may be able to conclude

that matter for you or find an attorney for you in another part of North Carolina or another state.

• You may be entitled to a DMV hearing to request license reinstatement either in

full or on a probationary basis, thereby reducing the revocation.

• If your license is revoked, you may be eligible for a Limited Driving Privilege even

if your NC license is revoked because of a conviction in another state.

• You may be eligible to attend a driver improvement clinic if you have accumulated

as many as 7 points or you have accumulated as many as 4 points

within a three years immediately following reinstatement of your license.