What To Do If you Are Arrested?

What to Do if You Are Arrested?


  • Exercise your right to remain silent and do not answer questions other than providing your name and address.
  • Be polite but do not consent to a search or you or your property. A warrant is required in some, but not all circumstances. If the officer has a warrant, he has a right to conduct the search.
  • Do not admit to any accusations.
  • Do not waive your Miranda warnings.
  • Do not answer questions without consulting an attorney.
  • Exit your car if you requested to do so.
  • Do not blow into any hand held breath test device or consent to any blood tests.
  • Do not take any sobriety tests such as touching you nose, walking on a line.
  • Do not yell or cuss at the officer.
  • Do not run away if you are arrested. 
  • Do not get into a fight with the officers or threaten them. This never helps.