Basic Summary of Criminal Procedure

Basic Summary Criminal of Procedure for Felonies


  • If you are arrested, you will most likely be taken to a magistrate for an initial appearance.  He will set bond and set a date for your 1st appearance before a District Court Judge.
  • While your case is in District Court, the detectives will complete their investigative file.
  • While your case is in District Court, you will have several court dates. Bond can be reduced or increased depending on many things too numerous to name here.
  • When the detective completes his investigative file, he will forward it to the District Attorney’s office for their review.
  • Sometimes the case is resolved in District Court or the District Attorney may seek a grand jury indictment.
  • I will receive a copy of the investigative material, known as “discovery material.” I will review it with you in great detail and discus your options.
  • If you are indicted by the grand jury, your case will be moved to Superior Court where it will be concluded.
  • Generally, most criminal cases are resolved via a plea bargain. Otherwise, the case will proceed to trial. In the interim, pre trial motions may be filed and heard.
  • If you are convicted, you have the right to appeal.